No slot default handler ns2

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_o572: no target for slot -1. _o572 type: Classifier/Hash/Dest. content dump

A UDP agent is represented by a C++ class UdpAgent and an OTcl class Agent/UDP. These two classes derive from class Agent in their domains, and are bound by using a mapping class UdpAgentClass .In NS2, UDP is implemented in the C++ class UdpAgent which is bound to an OTcl class Agent/UDP. Built-in Traffic Generators in NS2 Constant Bit Rate (CBR) NS2节点 - 爱悠闲,快乐工作,悠闲生活! 节点 1.创建节点 set ns [new Simulator] $ns node 单播节点(unicast node): Tcl对象之一:地址分类器(address classifier),用来判断分组 ... Error : Finished standard no-slot{} default handler [ns-2] Try Stack Overflow for Business. Our new business plan for private Q&A offers single sign-on and advanced features. Get started by May 31 for 2 months free.

NS2 Program tutorial for wireless topology

1 mai 2011 ... Bonjour à tous, Je travaille avec NS2.31 et j'utilise le module wimax. ..... Classfier::no-slot{} default handler (tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl) --- _o16: no target ... performance evaluation of 802.11p protocol for ... - TUT DPub Home May 5, 2014 ... driven tool called NS2 where a node generates and transmits a ...... ulation “Classfier::no-slot{} default handler (location-of-certain-TCL-file)”.

NS2 Code for Blackhole Attack (multiple blackholes) in ...

Apr 25, 2017 ... Classfier::no-slot{}+default+handler (tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl) « can have several causes: Wrong OS, an error in your tcl code, (wrong ns2 version ?), etc. etc. ERROR : Finished standard no-slot{} [NS2] - CodeProject Classfier::no-slot{} default handler (tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl) --- _o52: no target for slot -1 _o52 type: Classifier/Port content dump: classifier _o52 0 offset ... [ns] --- Classfier::no-slot{} default handler (tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl)

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Что не так в настройках bind?Или почему такая ошибка? —… По первой ошибке: NS '' has no address records (A or AAAA) Нужна же А запись для NS сервера: debian-test IN A IP_ADDRESS или [ubuntu_studio] Ns2 Help [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums Please Help --- Classfier::no-slot{} default handler (tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl) --- _o52: no target for slot -1 _o52 type: Classifier/Hash/Dest content dump: classifierHello I am a newbie to ns2, and I am practicing on that, and when I tried to execute a simple program that creates 4 nodes, and sets agents UDP and... Чего гаду надо? connect: No such slot… При чем, почему так - "QObject::connect: No such slot LoadBase::loadFile()", по какому праву он ищет его в классе LoadBase а не в классе Load. Дело наверное в с++ а не в QT, но кояк мне не по глазам. dunia kata: [SOLVED] ns2.31 HMIPv6 error