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We balance this range depending on their fold to 3-bet poker statistics. This is called a polarized strategy. A polarized range could look like this: In this range, you would be 3-betting QQ, AKo, AK, AKs and AA for value, planning to 5-bet all in against a 4-bet.

The Continuation Bet (C-bet) | The half pot bet will offer him 3-to-1 odds which aren’t very good drawing odds. If you know your opponent is knowledgeable regarding drawing odds, this becomes a positive to offering him poor odds to a possible draw. Countering the Continuation Bet. Now let’s take a look at the same situation in the mirror. What's the correct definition of 3bet? - Beginning Poker ... A cold 3-bet is when a player who has yet to act on a street is the player who makes the 3-bet. Typically a player who has already acted (either a call or raise) is the one who makes a 3-bet. But a player who 'comes out of left field' from late position or the blinds and makes a 3-bet is considered 'cold'. Pump up the Volume with Three-bet Poker Bluffs Pump up the Volume with Three-bet Poker Bluffs When playing pre-flop it's important that you mix it up between three-betting good hands for value and also three-betting weaker hands as a bluff. As we explored in this article there are many reasons why having a wider value range can result in bigger profits.

One of the inherent advantages that you can have in poker is that of position, and that’s something you have to account for when it comes to 3-betting for value. An easy way to deal with this that won’t get you into much trouble is to avoid 3-betting with hands that are just marginally better than your opponent’s continuing range when you ...

The Fundamentals of 3-bet Sizing | Tournament Poker Edge | Learn ... Feb 3, 2018 ... I've written articles on 3-betting in the past, mostly focused on range construction with some elements of sizing factored in. But in order to tackle ...

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3-бет (трибет) в покере – это переповышение ставки сделанной до вас. Также 3-бетом называют третье повышением в раунде торговли.Для того чтобы правильно сработал блефовый трибет необходимо знать такие статистики как Fold to 3bet на префлопе, Fold vs Raise на постфлопе. What to Three Bet | Red Chip Poker

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Advanced Poker 3 Betting Strategy - Online Poker 3 Bet - CardsChat How often to 3-bet, from which position and what hands to do it with. ... The poker strategy in this article is designed for cash game situations, specifically 100 big ... Polarized 3-Betting Ranges - Online Poker 3-Bet Ranges - CardsChat Polarize your 3-betting ranges. When to 3-bet, why and how to determine your optimal 3-bet range. Three-Bet | Poker Terms | PokerNews