Slot machines variable interval schedule of reinforcement

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In operant conditioning, a variable-ratio schedule is a schedule of reinforcement where a response is reinforced after an unpredictable number of responses. This schedule creates a steady, high rate of responding. Gambling and lottery games are good examples of a reward based on a variable ratio schedule.

Schedules of Reinforcements or “How to Get Rid of the Food” A slot machine works on a variable or random schedule of reinforcement. The gambler never knows when he/she will be rewarded but it can happen any time after he/she pulls the handle. The reinforcement varies in the amount of money given and in the frequency of the delivery of the money. Using Variable Interval Reinforcement Schedules to Support ... Many teachers prefer to use interval reinforcement schedules whereby reinforcement only occurs after a period of time (intervals). There are two types of interval reinforcement schedules: fixed and variable. Perhaps the most famous example of a fixed interval scale is the term paper due date.

Variable-Ratio (The Slot Machine) A variable-ratio schedule rewards a particular behavior but does so in an unpredictable fashion. The reinforcement may come after the 1st level press or the 15th, and then may follow immediately with the next press or perhaps not follow for another 10 presses.

Waiting for an elevator is an example of a variable interval schedule. You can press the button once, or ten times in succession, but the lift still appears randomly. When should you use a variable interval schedule of reinforcement? Variable-interval schedules can be instrumental in dealing with separation anxiety, or dogs who are generally noisy. Variable Ratio Reinforcement: Gambling for Healthy Habits ... Variable Interval is the least common, and even less useful: perhaps when a son is given a pay rate for mowing the lawn, and the time is approximated, this schedule is at work. However, the real strength lies in the bottom-left quadrant, an area not found in nature, except for one place: gambling.

Jan 15, 2013 ... The durations of the reel spins and intervals between plays were jittered in order ... of plays terminated with winning outcomes (variable-ratio=6) and 1/5 terminated ... The reinforcement schedule of the slot-machine game was ...

Three pigeons pecked for food on a synthetic variable-interval schedule of reinforcement that had two independent parts: a variable-intervalThe frequencies of reinforcement for the 10 classes of interresponse times were systematically varied, while the overall frequency of reinforcement was... Schedules of Reinforcement

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Partial reinforcement, unlike continuous reinforcement, is only reinforced at ... more pull on the slot machine, or one more hour of patience will change their luck . Evil Slot Machines! - Eastern Washington University