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Terraria How to: Get more Accessories Slots + How to get a Bone glove ·

This video is to show you guys how to get a permanent extra accessory slot in Terraria 1.3! Some people may not know about this so I figured I might as well make a video on it, I hope you enjoyed! Information Type Item Sub-Type Consumable Quality Tooltip "Permanently increases the number of accessory slots"(To a total of six) Dropped By Extra accessory mod soon :: Terraria General Discussions People on the terraria forums have a mod for 1.3 to get 3 extra accessory slots. Login Store Community Support Change language View desktop website ... People on the terraria forums have a mod for 1.3 to get 3 extra accessory slots < >-< >-Terraria > General Discussions > Topic Details. Date Posted: Dec 15, 2015 ... Terraria More Accessory Slots - ertlighting.com

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ITT: Post a game, what you dislike about it, and how you'd fix it.>Terraria>All sorts of earlygame stuff that's really cool, like throwing knives, grenades, various explosives, magic, etc>Can't get summons until midgame at best unless you … Blog Roll

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Террария Мод На Слоты Аксессуаров. Обсуждение на... Мод Accessory Slots+ r13. Вам очень нравятся все ваши аксессуары, и вы не хотели бы с нимиОднако в Terraria не так много слотов для аксессуаров, и поэтому приходится делать неAlso allows extra accessories slots to work in normal worlds. I updated MoreAcessories+ for...